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Heavy Duty Barrier Protects Against Dangerous Drop-Off at the Dock

Rite-Hite’s Dok-Guardian provides a physical barrier that prevents workers from becoming another unfortunate statistic at one of the most dangerous materials handling interaction points at a facility –the loading dock. With the ability to stop up to 30,000 pounds of force, this loading dock barrier also has a unique pocket design that helps keep the barrier positively stored and out of harm’s way for safe loading/unloading.

The openings at the dock represent one of the largest hazards at any facility. Material handlers and forklift operators are at risk of falling off the dock at facilities that don’t use proper barriers or gates. This 4-foot fall can result in serious injury or even death.

Made from bright red PVC-coated fiberglass mesh curtain and three yellow heavy-duty polyester restraint straps, the Dok-Guardian provides a strong visual and physical barrier to mitigate potential falls from dock openings. Operated manually, this 4-foot-tall curtain can stretch across openings up to 16 feet wide. The barrier is anchored on both sides of a dock opening with Rite-Hitesteel Warden guards, which provide door track protection.

The Dok-Guardian can be interlocked with a Rite-Hite Dok-Lok vehicle restraint to create a sequence of operation, ensuring full-time loading dock safety. The red light on the Dok-Lok control box indicates when the Dok-Guardian’s curtain is safely locked across the opening. When the lock button is pressed, the light turns green and the Dok-Guardian curtain releases to allow for easy loading and unloading of a trailer.

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