Mathews&Stansbury Announces New Moist Wipes

The team of Mathews&Stansbury has announced the introduction of a unique moist wipe, 2FeetWipes, designed to combat foot odor.

“This mineral wipe with its gentle formula can be used daily to fight unpleasant odor with confidence,” said Arlene Mathews, who heads a business providing medical case management and consulting.

“When Arlene called about creating this product with its benefits for active people, and actually anyone looking for fresher feet, I quickly agreed to collaborate,” said Susan Stansbury. Having extensive experience in product and market development, converter-manufacturing, and nonwovens fabrics, she has worked with and for nonwovens and wet wipes producers.

Mathews and Stansbury, who have worked on previous projects together, have discerned a market gap realizing there are no deodorant foot wipes or towelettes, but knowing there are others expanding this niche with lotions and other packaging.

Wet wipes and moist towelettes, Mathews and Stansbury say, are often more convenient, easy to transport, and are always fresh. Feet freshness under the name 2FeetWipes is the aim of the product sold in packages of 20 individually wrapped single wipes.

Made in U.S. An official product launch date is expected to be announced in April.

For more information, contact Stansbury at 920-265-6407 or Mathews at 913-327-7976.