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New Construction Safety Product Creates Industry Buzz

J-CA{J-CAT Safety Products™, an innovative newcomer to the construction safety industry started with a flurry of activity at the World of Concrete, one of the industry’s largest trade show events.

The show was the first time distributors and attendees got a look at the company’s signature product, the J-CAP™. It’s an OSHA-approved safety device that guards against injury or death due to impalements on exposed metal brackets, metal forming stakes, and other similar hazards.

“We’re excited to be a new entry into the market. Thus far, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest generated. We were always confident about how the product would be received, but the show blew away our expectations.” Says CEO and Founder Peter J. Pulizzi.

Among the most popular questions asked is “How can I buy some for my jobs?” While J-CAT™ currently sells the device directly on their website, Pulizzi’s strategy is to offer the product for sale at major construction distributors across the country. When asked who he has been in conversation with, he declined saying that there is extensive interest, but they are still working out the details.

The J-CAP™ is a perfect solution for distributors and contractors, Not only is it required by OSHA Standard 1926.701(b), it’s also the right thing to do. The inexpensive price point and safety benefits should make it standard equipment for the job site.

Pulizzi concludes, “We’re ready to go. Our company has already made a significant marketing investment and will continue to do so. Our distributor partners are counting on our support, and we don’t plan on letting them down.”

To see the full suite of J-CAT Safety Products™, Inc., visit


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