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New Wheels for Ergonomic & AGV Applications

Hamilton is proud to introduce its newest UltraGlide™ wheel series, the latest modular solution designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to move loads in manual or powered applications.

Designed for ergonomic and AGV applications, the new UltraGlide still features independent swivel surfaces that eliminate scrubbing, making it much easier to turn. It still has split outer raceways to minimize friction that provides low startup and maintain forces.

Engineers upgraded the precision ball bearings in both size and quality in the new UltraGlide to provide more than double the bearing life. Hamilton engineers also designed the die cast aluminum center with a new concave face that concentrates the compression of the urethane toward the centerline of the tread. This design change simulates the cushioning benefits of a thicker, softer tread, but provides the same durability and long life as other more conventional heavy duty wheels.

The UltraGlide also features a new modular design whereby the 1-inch wide wheels are no longer press fit together but now assembled separately like a true multi-wheel arrangement. This enhancement reportedly allows for many more product configurations compared to its predecessor.

The UltraGlide assemblies are offered in two tread profiles and three different polyurethane types. The tread profiles are a new crown profile that features a unique easy rolling flat center band and a flat profile for higher load applications. The UltraGlide Ergo poly features Hamilton’s blue ErgoGlide poly with the new crown tread profile and is best suited for applications where rollability and softer ride are the primary objectives.

The UltraGlide™ 27/7 | AGV features Hamilton’s light gray DuraGlide poly with the new crown tread profile and is best suited for continuous duty operations such as AGV’s, AMR’s, or outdoor environments. Finally, the UltraGlide™ XC features Hamilton’s Duralast® XC with a flat tread and is best suited when the highest load rating is desirable. All of the new wheels are backed by Hamilton’s three year product warranty and are available mounted in the majority of Hamilton’s broad line of industrial casters.

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