Powerful and Tough, the CartMover XR Safely Moves Your Heaviest Loads

Built on the proven CartMover™ design platform and now with a 20,000+ pound capacity, the new CartMover XR is Appleton’s most powerful and flexible CartMover.

The CartMover XR introduces features that increase productivity and ensure worker safety wherever you need to move heavy loads on wheels. With an improved, extreme-duty lifting platform and frame, the CartMover XR reportedly delivers an enhanced ergonomic design that increases worker safety and a huge 4-inch lift height that allows for moving a wider-than-ever variety of carts over a greater range of surfaces.

Paired with the long-life, easy-to-change Lithium Iron Phosphate modular battery, the highly-maneuverable, CartMover XR is as easy-to-use as a pallet jack – just far more powerful and useful.

Excellent for both long-haul moves across a facility, and short moves within a manufacturing cell, the CartMover XR is reportedly ideal for almost any manufacturing situation.

The CartMover XR can be equipped with a variety of engineered or custom hitches to securely connect to a variety of carts, bins, vehicles or other wheeled loads. The CartMover XR is also highly customizable to solve specific material handling challenges. If it moves on wheels or casters, the CartMover XR will move it safely and efficiently.


  • The most powerful and heavy duty CartMover ever offered;
  • Improved, extreme duty lifting platform and frame;
  • Sleek, high-visibility ergonomic design increases worker safety and improves productivity;
  • Enhanced 4-inch lift range offers use on a larger variety of carts and increased ground clearance for steeper transitions, inclines and ramps;
  • Quick-change, high-performance 24V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) long life battery;
  • Capacity to over 20,000 pounds;
  • Compact size and highly maneuverable;
  • Programmable speed controller from creep speed to 4.5 mph;
  • Rugged welded steel frame construction;
  • Ergonomic handle and variable speed throttle; and
  • Reversing emergency switch.

What can the CartMover XR move?

  • Mobile carts with heavy castings or metal parts;
  • Supply carts and waste bins;
  • Carts used in shipping and receiving;
  • Laundry carts (multi-cart “trains”); and
  • Just about anything on casters or wheels – moves loads weighing more than 20,000 pounds.

Where can the CartMover XR be used?

  • Cell manufacturing facilities;
  • Vehicle repair or manufacturing;
  • Hospitals;
  • Aerospace manufacturing;
  • Commercial laundries;
  • Print and converting facilities;
  • Shipping and Receiving; and
  • Anywhere you need to move loads on casters or wheels.

For more information, visit https://www.cart-mover.com.