Pyramex Over the Spectacle Safety Glasses Designed to Fit Today’s Prescription Eyewear

Pyramex® has designed four lightweight over the spectacle protective eyewear options. Select from four models – OTS®, OTS XL, Cappture™ or Cappture™ Plus – all constructed of hard-wearing materials for the greatest durability and featuring lens technology that works to protect your eyes blocking high percentages of harmful UV rays. All are ANSI rated and impact tested.

Pyramex has reportedly ensured its OTS model with black temples is designed to better fit that eyewear with the highest level of comfort. Weighing in at a mere 33 grams, the model features lightweight and adjustable nylon temples and has a single lens that encapsulates the eye for superb protection.

The glasses also have scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses that provide 99 percent UVA/B/C protection. They fit over frames up to 5- 3/8 inches W x 1-3/4 inches H (137 millimeters x 44 millimeters) and are offered in 5 variations including clear, clear H2X AF, gray, amber and I/O mirror.

The OTS XL is approximately 9 percent larger than the OTS model and fits over frames up to 5-15/16 inches W x 1 15/16 inches H (151 millimeters x 49 millimeters). It weighs 34 grams and is available in clear, clear H2X AF, gray and I/O mirror. Both the OTS and OTS XL meet ANSI Z87.1+ safety standards with some options also meeting CE EN 166 and CSA Z94.3, delivering ultimate eye protection when on the job.

The Cappture and Cappture Plus over spectacle glasses are dielectric non-conductive frames and contain zero metal parts to reduce the risk of injury in the case of electrical exposure. Made entirely from polycarbonate and nylon (with the optional rubber gasket made of polycarbonate and thermoplastic rubber or TPR in the Cappture Plus) the temples extend from the brow bar to avoid interference with prescription frame temples.

Cappture is available in four variations including clear H2X AF, gray H2X AF, amber H2X AF and infinity blue H2X AF. Cappture Plus is available in clear H2MAX AF and gray H2MAX AF. The Cappture and Cappture Plus both meet ANSI Z87.1+ safety standards with some options also meeting CE EN 166 and CSA Z94.3.

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