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Pyramex Safety Dipped Gloves Provide The Protection Hands Need

For more than a decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported upper extremities consistently top the list of nonfatal work injuries – with hand injuries making up the largest subsection.  Additional studies show the top reason cited for these types of injuries is lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) or cut-resistant gloves.  Don’t become a statistic, protect yourself with gloves from the 2018 line of Pyramex Safety dipped gloves, that have been specifically designed to be the safest, most comfortable work gloves available.  Whether you need lighter protection with maximum dexterity, or heavy-duty protection – we have what you need.  Choose from the CorXcelTM (Micro-Foam Nitrile or Sandy Nitrile), Poly-TorqTM (Polyurethane) or ArchonXTM (Latex) series.

Because safety is paramount, in addition to rigorous internal testing, Pyramex dipped gloves have also been independently tested for various standards and certifications.  All gloves meet either U.S. ANSI or European CE EN standards, with many carrying multiple certifications. ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 measures cut ratings, with Pyramex gloves offering cut level options including A2 (500- 999 grams to cut); A3 (1,000-1,499 grams to cut); and A4 (1,500-2,199 grams to cut). The CE EN388 standard measures minimum abrasion, tear and puncture resistance (rated from 1 through 4), as well as cut resistance (rated from 1 through 5 on the old 2003 standard, or A through F on the new 2016 standard).

The CorXcel Micro-Foam Nitrile (GL601/2/3) and Sandy Nitrile (GL604) series feature the company’s Nitrile technology.  Breathable and water repellant, the Micro-Foam Nitrile in the GL601/2/3 series works to absorb oil like a sponge to increase your grip, while remaining three times more puncture resistant than rubber. Tear and abrasion resistant, the GL601 glove is constructed of a

15-gauge nylon and spandex (silicone free) lining, offering tactile sensitivity and dexterity. While the GL602/3 gloves feature a 13 gauge HPPE liner for cut resistance. Boasting outstanding grip in dry, wet and oily conditions, the Sandy Nitrile series is made from a 13-gauge cut resistant HPPE liner.

It’s not uncommon for employees to forgo wearing gloves when working with small parts.  Keep hands protected in even these scenarios with Pyramex’s Poly-Torq Polyurethane gloves (GL401/2) which have a low particulate shed, ample breathability and increased dexterity, making for ideal gloves when handling small parts. The polyurethane coating also resists oils and other solvents that pose a threat to maintaining grip.  Poly-Torq gloves are available with the super-thin Nylon liner of the GL401, or the superior cut resistant HPPE liner of the GL402.

The third new line of gloves include the ArchonX Crinkle Latex Glove series (GL501) which offers the extremely high elasticity of latex for not only better traction, but also superior tear, cut and abrasion resistance.  Because latex-coated gloves remain flexible and durable in a wide range of temperatures, performance is almost all but guaranteed to be consistent, making them ideal in virtually any application.  Based on a 13-gauge cut-resistant HPPE liner, the crinkle latex palm is suited for both wet and dry conditions.

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