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Rack Supported Roly Safety Gate Model Now Available in a Multiple Pallet Deep Configuration for Pallet Flow Applications

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc., an innovator in the design and manufacturing of pallet drop safety gates that provide fall protection in material handling and manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses, announced that it now offers a Rack Supported Roly® safety gate configured for multiple pallets deep.

This new standard design is released on the heels of the Rack Supported Open Top safety gates which are configured to provide fall protection in pallet flow cluster picking applications.

The Rack Supported Roly multiple pallet deep design is a dual-gate system that attaches directly to the rack uprights in rack systems or pick modules. Attaching to rack uprights maximizes space in the area and creates a secure connection without having to anchor the gate into the decking. The gate can be designed to match the depth of the pallet flow lane to capture multiple pallets.

The extra deep dual-gate system prevents pallets holding the gates open when the lane is full and creates a completely enclosed workstation while providing fall protection for the workers in picking positions and around the empty pallet or tote return bays.

The Rack Supported Roly pallet flow safety gate uses dual, counter-balanced gates to secure the ledge and keep employees out of the flow lanes while the lane is being replenished with pallets. When the ledge-side gate is open, allowing material to be delivered to the pallet drop area, the rear-side gate is closed, protecting the worker from falling off the ledge. When the rear side gate is raised to gain access to the pallets, the ledge-side gate closes and compacts into the rack bay, maintaining a safe environment during all stages of the operation.

In addition to the Rack Supported Roly in a multiple pallet deep configuration, most of the safety gates from the company are offered in rack supported or free-standing configurations. The dual-gate design ensures OSHA, IBC and ANSI fall protection compliance.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. will be exhibiting at the ProMat DX Show online April 12-16.

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