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Ready for Battle: Brass Knuckle Red Warrior SmartFlex Gloves

Brass Knuckle® Red Warrior SmartFlex (BK504) gloves provide excellent, spongelike slip resistance with a proprietary polyurethane foam coating process. Plus, they are 20 percent thinner than comparable 15-gauge coated gloves, yet thick on comfort and flexibility.

Red Warrior gets its eye-catching red color from a seamless nylon knit material for maximum flex and tactile sensitivity, with an uncoated back and wrist that helps improve ventilation. The seamless and stretchable full knit wrist provides a snug fit and prevents dirt, debris, and cold from getting inside the glove.

The softer feeling, high-quality polyurethane coating covers full fingers and palm in black, in contrast to the red knit, creating a just plain cool-looking glove that encourages compliance.

These gloves reportedly deliver excellent grip without being sticky and even perform against oils, fats, and greases, making them an ideal choice for both dry and light-oil applications. Polyurethane coatings improve tactile sensitivity relative to other coatings, improve slip resistance particularly in wet applications, and are more breathable than flat glove coatings.

Red Warrior offers best-in-class protection balanced against tremendous value for light-duty protection, all-day comfort, and maximum flex.

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