Scissor Dock Lifts Can Accommodate a Variety of Truck Bed Heights

Presto Lifts’ PDL Series Loading Dock Scissor lifts from Presto ECOA allow users to quickly and safely transfer loads from a variety of truck bed heights to loading docks up to 59 inches. Because the lift platform is always level, transferring between truck beds and docks is easier and safer than ramps or other incline devices.

Standard units are available in 5,000 pounds and 6,000 pounds capacities with roll-over capacity of 10,000 pounds. Base and leg sets reportedly feature a corrosion-resistant, galvanized finish. Diamond tread steel platform sizes range from 6×8 feet to 8×12 feet and are designed for use with manual or powered pallet jacks.

Standard features include a weatherproof pushbutton NEMA-4X control with 20 feet of coiled cord; beveled toe-guards painted yellow for safety; removable steel handrails with mid-rails and 4-inch-high kickplates; a hinged, diamond-tread throw-over plate at one end of the platform and a snap chain at the other end.

PDL Scissor Dock Lifts meet or exceed ANSI Standard MH29.1, Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts.

PDL Series Scissor Dock Lifts reportedly provide a fast, safe load transfer solution at a variety of facilities including retail outlets, manufacturing plants, warehouses, hospitals and medical facilities, schools and universities and other establishments loading or unloading items to/from multiple types of trucks with varying bed heights.

Lifts can be installed to accommodate any dock or loading configuration, whether the truck is parked perpendicular or parallel to the dock.  Units are typically mounted in a concrete pit, so they lower to grade level which is extremely useful for facilities that have no loading dock at all.

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