SKATEPLATE — New Innovations for Circular Saw Users

CircSaw Technologies LLC has launched the next evolution of the SKATEPLATE product line at WOC. The SKATEPLATE and SKATEGUIDE combination have a proven track record as a best-in-class upgrade to the most common hand-held power tool on today’s job sites — the circular saw.

SKATEPLATE’s patented polyurethane roller system sets it apart from all other circular saw accessories by delivering faster, cleaner, and straighter cuts. SKATEPLATE significantly outpaces competition in efficiency, speed, and portability without sacrificing accuracy. The wide rollers increase the tendency of the saw to roll straight, thereby reducing dangerous kickback. Offering both right blade and left blade versions, SKATEPLATE fits over 95 percent of all corded and cordless 7 1/4-inch saws, as well as several 6 1/2-inch models.

The new improvements have many benefits. The SKATEGUIDE rip fence roller head has been widened by several inches and the number of rollers has been increased from four to a new 10-roller head. These changes reportedly provide additional stability from the beginning to the end of the cut. In addition, a new sleeve has been added to allow for the use of different sized ruler bars that render the SKATEGUIDE more universal to fit a much wider range of circular saw models.

The SKATEGUIDE-ZILLA extended cutting guide has also been upgraded. The collapsible ruler has reportedly been replaced with a new, single-bar non-collapsible version for a cut range of 1/4 of an inch all the way up to 25 inches. The roller head has also been upgraded to the new 10-roller head. SKATEGUIDE-ZILLA fits both the left blade and right blade versions of the SKATEPLATE.

The SKATEPLATE H2O portable water saw kit sees a small design change of the “L” Bracket that attaches to the SKATEPLATE for a more secure fit. The H2O kit transforms a circular saw into a portable water saw and reduces the cutting process from a two-person to a one-person job. SKATEPLATE H2O is perfect for cutting concrete, masonry, granite, and tile.

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