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Watson Gloves Releases New Landfill Biodegradable Nylon Gloves

Watson Gloves, Canada’s leading retail distributor of quality gloves currently in its 103rd year of business, is elevating its sustainable glove development by introducing the first landfill biodegradable nylon coated gloves into the market. With biodegradable additive in both the nylon shell and nitrile coating, the landfill biodegradable seamless knit gloves are able to break down in five years in modern landfills compared to the many decades it takes for other similar synthetic gloves to degrade (gloves show up to 14.1 percent biodegradation in 172 days based on ASTM D5511 tests).

The new landfill biodegradable gloves are made of innovative ZeroWaste™ 15-gauge biodegradable nylon, the first of its kind in the glove industry. The gloves also include Reclaim™ enhanced biodegradability additive in the nitrile coating, which is also used in Watson Gloves’ popular Green Monkey biodegradable disposable gloves. The special eco-conscious structure of ZeroWaste yarn and Reclaim additive results in an accelerated biodegradable decomposition of the glove in anaerobic landfill conditions. The biogas produced from the breakdown of the gloves is then converted into clean energy while leaving zero waste behind.

The new landfill biodegradable gloves are suitable to use for general work, such as maintenance, construction, automotive, and gardening, without any compromise in quality and performance. The eco-conscious nylon gloves come in two styles: Stealth Zero for men and Jade for women.

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