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Re-Engineer Your Business Processes for Optimum Efficiency

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing ERP/Business System or implement a full warehouse management solution, Radley’s platform of pre-built, configurable and scalable products can help you streamline your unique processes, consolidate tasks and automate workflows to gain the most efficiency.

Radley Manufacturing & Warehouse SolutionsThe VALUE in Radley Solutions

Optimize your workflow based on your specific business, not your ERP or Business System.

  • Save on consulting and customizations while maximizing the efficiency of your manufacturing and warehouse investments.
  • Increase your overall productivity and be more competitive.
  • Grow your business without increasing material carrying costs and labor expenses.


  • EDI Reporting and Automation
  • Consolidate and Minimize Scans/Transactions
  • Real-Time Visibility to Inventory & Status’s
  • Direct & Indirect Labor Reporting
  • Receive Immediate Error Alerts
  • Reduce Audit Risks & Comply With Standards
  • Simplify Kitting of Materials & Components
  • Enhanced PO Processing
  • Search Inventory by Unlimited Characteristics, Serial, Co-Mingled Lots
  • Optimized Label Printing
  • Configurable to Unique Business Needs
  • Streamline Picking, Packing & Shipping

Changing the Way You Think About Supply Chain Management

Automate your day-to-day EDI operations and bring transparency and traceability to your business processes. iR*EDI transforms EDI from a customer-required necessity into a valuable productivity tool.

Integrated Data Collection
Our non-intrusive, automated identification and data capture (AIDC) solution seamlessly integrates to business systems including major ERP’s and financial systems allowing organizations all over the world to dramatically increase productivity through automation.

Task Management
By consolidating workflows and defining tasks Radley ensures your workforce is “Hyper Productive”; making the most of a workers location, status and capabilities, generating tasks and updating real-time to your ERP or Business System.

iCARaS Automotive EDI
Anything-to-anything communications, translation, and preconfigured trading partners make iCARaS a complete solution with specific automotive functionality.

Inventory Control
Streamline, control and monitor inventory levels and item movement within multiple warehouses, distribution centers or facilities with our configurable software to supplement an existing system or implement as a fully comprehensive warehouse solution.

Through a combination of automated data collection and unique data structures that support label and packaging license plating. simplify box scans and build up pallet/container relationships; move entire pallets of inventory and stage them for shipment with only one scan of a mobile device.

Labor Tracking
Radley’s Labor Tracking solution enables organizations to automatically collect time metrics against jobs, tasks, projects, work orders, etc. allowing productivity to be measured and reported against.

Machine Monitoring Machine
Monitoring software collects, tracks, charts, and processes manufacturing data; calculating key performance metrics, all while updating your ERP or Business System in real-time.

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