A+A 2021 To Feature Robotics Park

The main theme, “Digitalization”, at A+A 2021, International Trade Fair with Congress for Safety, Security and Health at Work, will also be reflected by the Robotics Park. At this special exhibit area and the associated Selfexperience Space and the Exoworkathlon, numerous exhibitors, the Fraunhofer IPA Institute and the University of Stuttgart IFF will present how physical stress for employees can be reduced and productivity increased at the same time.

The exoskeletons on display protect the health of employees and reduce physical strain during physically demanding work. The Ottobock company offers an adequate solution with its Paexo series.

“Our exoskeletons store the body’s own energy for a short time through so-called ‘energy harvesting’ and release it again in a targeted manner when peak loads are reached for the spine or shoulder at work. This principle is reflected in our Paexo Back and Paexo Shoulder and is our answer to the main cause of musculoskeletal disorders,” said Dr. Sönke Rössing, head of Ottobock Industrials.

A+A will be held from October 26 – 29 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In the Robotics Park, manufacturers of exoskeletons will present themselves together with Fraunhofer IPA and demonstrate how these technologies can support physically demanding activities or in non-ergonomic positions. In the adjacent Selfexperience Space, exhibitors can additionally present their innovations in operation. Three simulated work situations relevant to industrial exoskeletons, selected by experts, will be made accessible there.

The three parkours areas are: Logistics, Assembly and Welding. The parkours were designed by the Fraunhofer IPA and the University of Stuttgart IFF and can be used by exhibitors and customers to test the various exoskeletons.

As an additional feature in the Robotics Park, Fraunhofer IPA and the University of Stuttgart IFF will organize the EXOWORKATHLON. Here another parkour will be set up which trainees and technical college students will complete once with and once without exoskeletons. Various jobs will be performed to demonstrate and discuss functionalities in terms of user feedback, ergonomics, metabolism and production quality of exoskeletons.

At the special START-UP ZONE, young and innovative companies from all over the world will be in the spotlight. Companies founded less than five years ago can still apply for a space in order to meet with top decision-makers in the occupational safety and health sector as well as experts and representatives from business, research and politics during A+A.

Even before the start of A+A in October 2021, automation and robotics will be the topic at a new digital event. The web session “Industrial Exo-Skeletons: Ergonomic Benefits for the Work of the Future” will provide valuable insights from various perspectives: science and research, industry and end users will present the wide variety of possibilities as well as the opportunities that will be available to the industry in the future.

The online web session will take place on June 1 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm CET. Dr. Urs Schneider, Head of the Institute for Production Technology and Automation at Fraunhofer, will host the session.

For more information, visit https://www.aplusa-online.com.