ClearSpan Structures Offers New System for Superior Corrosion Resistance

ClearSpan Structures has introduced the PPG PSX 700FD painting system to its lengthy list of building customizations. The system provides excellent protection against corrosion, chemicals, abrasions and much more, and it is available with ClearSpan’s I-Beam frames. The addition of PPG’s painting system enables the structures to withstand the harshest environments and promotes a long lifespan.

“As we continue to work on more buildings for customers with highly corrosive environments, it was imperative for ClearSpan to find the highest-quality coating,” said Geoff Ching, director of sales, ClearSpan. “By partnering with PPG, we can apply the PSX 700 coating at our Dyersville, Iowa manufacturing facility.”

The corrosion resistance provided by PPG PSX 700FD reportedly makes it ideal for tough applications, like sand and salt storage, boat houses and marine storage, waste and recycling facilities, oil and gas processing and much more.

The PPG PSX 700FD painting system can be quickly and easily applied, and since ClearSpan manufactures its own I-Beams, adding the coating doesn’t significantly alter delivery and installation timelines. ClearSpan reportedly boasts some of the best lead times in the industry, so the speed of the PPG system is a welcome addition to the company’s product line.

The system adds aesthetic value, as it provides a glossy finish that also protects against UV rays, dirt, fumes, stains and graffiti. The paint requires minimal maintenance, and it has a lengthy history and proven track record of being used on bridges, wind turbines, stadiums and much more.

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