Colson Group Introduces New Antimocribial Soft Wheel for High-Temp Steam Sterilization and Wash Down Applications

Colson Group, a global leader in manufacturing casters and wheels, has officially launched an advanced new series of wheels specially made for use on equipment that’s frequently exposed to high-temperature sterilization chambers and repeated cart wash applications. The new Sterilizer High-Temp Soft Wheels are antimicrobial, competitively priced, and feature desirable performance characteristics exceeding wheels typically used in these applications.

“With this launch, customers can now attain these mobility benefits with a soft wheel specifically designed to address these challenges—making the MedCaster Sterilizer Wheel a superior option for case carts, sterilizer carts, test cages, lab equipment and operating room equipment,” said Jeffrey Bader, product manager for the medical segment, Colson Group.

Sterilizer High-Temp Soft Wheels were formulated and independently tested to withstand typical steam sterilization cycles of 280 degrees Fahrenheit at -32 psi vacuum pressure, without developing flat spots or having the outer tread separate from the core. Even under these extreme conditions, the wheels reportedly provide excellent traction and quiet performance, absorbing shock and vibration much greater than the hard wheels traditionally required.

Available in both 5-inch and 6-inch wheel diameters, MedCaster Sterilizer wheels feature stainless steel thread guards to prevent the collection of entangling debris, dual-shielded precision ball bearings for smooth and quiet mobility, and debris-rejecting antimicrobial treads for durability and performance.

Add the Sterilizer Wheel to MedCaster’s recently upgraded SX Series swivel, rigid, total lock, or direction lock caster solutions to gain all of the high-temp benefits for your carts or equipment.

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