Industrial Tire Replacement Guide: When and Why You Should Replace Your Industrial Tires?

Knowing when to replace industrial tires is critical. Replace them too early and risk unnecessary spending. Replace them too late and risk machine and operator safety.

A tire is designed to support:

  • Proper braking;
  • Stability;
  • Operator comfort; and
  • Minimize vibration through the machine.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has developed an innovative indicator for its premium tires that lets operators and fleet managers know – with 100 percent accuracy – when tires need replacing. This reliable solution is called Pit Stop Line and is patented and unique to Trelleborg.

Pit Stop Line is simple; as the tires wear down, a highly visible orange band of useable rubber appears on the tire surface indicating that replacement tires should be ordered, and service fitting scheduled. When the Pit Stop Line appears a tire has approximately 100 hours remaining, which allows time to plan for replacement fitting.

Choosing Pit Stop Line tires from Trelleborg helps eliminate needless downtime and keeps machines working to maximize cost per hour benefits.

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