“My Safety” For Automation

The automation company Pilz has developed a digital, universal concept for its new modular safety relay myPNOZ, from selection through to order: with myPNOZ, Pilz can offer safe solutions that are built in accordance with customers’ specific individual requirements.

With the intuitive online tool myPNOZ Creator, users can assemble “their” myPNOZ: it’s delivered pre-assembled, set up and tested and so is a completely individualized system, ready to install.

The safety relay myPNOZ monitors safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light curtains, two-hand controls IIIA/C and enabling switches. It consists of a head module with up to a maximum of eight expansion modules, which can be freely combined.

In the corresponding online tool myPNOZ Creator, users can assemble a needs-based safety solution from a wide range of options. Users can also switch between a logic view and a hardware view. The option for visualization and extensive documentation is available via simulation.

In the myPNOZ Creator, it is possible to define the number, type and logic connection between the safety functions, based on what customers need for their plant. The Creator uses these details to automatically calculate which modules are needed and the sequence in which they must be inserted. The plug-in sequence results from the connection logic for the safety functions. Due to this internal combination logic, the process requires no programming knowledge.

The product that is generated can be ordered directly via the online tool, and users can order a previously defined configuration of myPNOZ with just a click of the mouse. The safety relay is delivered pre-assembled and ready to install. Each myPNOZ is given a unique type code, so that if necessary the same system configuration can be re-ordered at any time.

For more information, visit https://www.pilz.com.