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National Safety Month 101

Manufacturers know that on-site safety is the number one performance indicator and creating a workplace that is as safe and efficient as possible for employees is imperative. Wildeck, the largest U.S. manufacturer of industrial steel work platforms and safety guarding products, centers its business around creating products to enhance safety. In honor of June’s National Safety Month Wildeck is sharing important tips:

Educate: Implementing and training workers on equipment safety is the first step in creating a safe work environment. Understanding new equipment and educating employees on the best safety procedures while using this equipment will improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Follow Equipment Guidelines: Strictly adhere to the design load rating supplied by the manufacturer and use equipment for its intended purpose only. Regularly clean and inspect equipment to ensure that it is safe.

Reduce Clutter: It is important to keep walkways and the area around equipment clutter free, to reduce risks of slips, trips and falls.

Install Safety Gates: Installing a safety gate is perhaps the most effective way to ensure your crews on-site safety and prevent exposed elevated edges on the structures. Safety gates are effective safety solutions that can be configured to fit your space and should meet or exceed safety standards. Safety gates come in customizable, easy to install versions while still maintaining strong, balanced construction that allows easy for lifting and safe gate operation. There are options that include features such as when one side of the gate opens, the other automatically closes, to ensure maximum safety.

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