New Airpes Americas Backshop Supports Dealers, End Users

Airpes, a manufacturer of lifting, weighing and below-the-hook equipment, announced its plans to open a backshop that will principally service primary metals, wind and other severe duty applications.

“We started by securing a formal presence in the U.S., where experienced management was empowered to sell series production lifting tools in the region,” said Tad Dunville, general manager at Airpes Americas. “We then expanded infrastructure through sales reps and dealers on a national network, and now we are providing a backshop and technical support to our dealer partners for certain issues they don’t or can’t handle, as well as engineered lifting beams for the wind industry with a dual-citizenship technical director.”

Airpes recently installed a CMAA Class F 40-ton capacity coil grab with rotating bottom block at North American Stainless (NAS), a Kentucky producer of stainless steel. Through Wisconsin-based partner WD Industries (WDI), the lifecycle of the below-the-hook system will reportedly be overseen by a manufacturers’ representative agency, with a specialized focus on primary metals, paper, petrochemical, mining, construction, and heavy equipment manufacturing.

“It serves as a barometer by which to measure our ongoing expansion in terms of service infrastructure. Yes, we offered the best price, value-added engineering and a very robust design, but WDI’s proximity and ability to back it up will make a huge difference to the partnership going forward,” added Dunville.

Airpes has three principle lines of business: pre-engineered weighing and monitoring kits for overhead cranes, engineered lifting devices for wind turbine erection, and engineered below-the-hook devices.

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