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Over 100 Years of SUSTAINED ACCURACY… Made in the USA!

Early ‘fan dial’ scales– first use of the ribbon-and-cam counterweight method of indication– which overcame the problems with springs (temperature, stretching) providing superior accuracy and performance.  Many designs features attractive castings and embellished covers.  Many were ordered by candy manufacturers, given away as premiums for retailists meeting sales quotas and were private labelled– such as the Walla Walla Gum Company and Wrigley for a few.

Back in the early 1900’s, John Burkholder developed and patented a design for a springless mechanical scale where a ribbon was pulled across a cam… a design which was innovative and widely copied at the time. In 1908, the company was established as the National Store Specialty Company on Lancaster Avenue in Lancaster, PA. The manufacturer was known for a line of gasoline pumps and scales using the ribbon and cam indicating method. The original building still stands in downtown Lancaster.

In 1911, the growing company moved to a large industrial building in Leola which was occupied until several years ago. Our C-200 Counting scale became the standard of the industry and many models like our D-10 and DC-8 continue in wide use.  The early ’70s brought the first electronic counting scales; our designs were widely known as highly accurate and durable– many first generation units continue dependable service even today. Our distributors have stocks of our scales for short term rentals for physical inventories and special projects.

Today, we manufacture the industry’s best parts counting scales, all with the reliability and innovation to provide long life and sustained accuracy. Our electronic scales are highly respected by customers and technicians too! Pennsylvania Scale is the leading USA manufacturer of ELECTRONIC SCALES & WEIGHT/COUNT CONTROLS, including WEIGH COUNTING, WEIGHING PLATFORMS, DIGITAL WEIGHT OR COUNT INDICATORS, and OEM products.   We are associated with the Emery Winslow Scale Company, a USA manufacturer of large capacity and batching scales with a long respected history using unique Hydrostatic technology.

The Pennsylvania Scale brand identity is built around long life, sustained accuracy, clean extra-rugged designs, and strong customer support.  Our products are supported by a large network of independent scale dealers and distributors.  Many Pennsylvania Scale products continue serving faithfully after 15-20 years and purchasers of our new products can expect a similar service life evidenced by our long Warranties which are the best in the industry!

We take pride in being dealer and customer friendly and that the Pennsylvania Scale brand is consistent with our core values today even as our technology continues to lead the industry.

For more information, contact Pennsylvania Scale Company; 800.233.0473 Ext. 101, or

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