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Rack Repair… Really? 3 Common Myths About Rack Repair

MYTH 1: Rack Manufacturers Don’t Approve Repairs
FACT: Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), the governing body of the storage rack industry, approves and endorses rack repair with engineering that meets RMI/ANSI MH 16.1. This specification states that the repaired component must be as strong as the original undamaged component. All major storage rack manufacturers are members of RMI and adhere to their recommendations.

Mac Rak partners with the country’s leading storage rack engineering company to produce the most industry compliant repair products available.

MYTH 2: Rack Repair Voids the Warranty
FACT: Rack repair kits don’t void a warranty, damaging the rack does! When a frame has been damaged an engineered repair kit will restore it to its undamaged capacity.

MYTH 3: Rack Repair Can Be as Expensive as Frame Replacement
FACT: Depending on the degree of impact resistance required, the rack repair kit can be similar to the price of frame replacement, but in most cases repair labor is a fraction of the cost. The facility disruption is minimal with the repair process complete in about ¼ o f the time compared to frame replacement. Replacement frames offer no additional impact resistance, and can be damaged again and again. Rack Repair… Really? 3 Common Myths About Rack Repair

Why Mac Rak?… Easy!

Mac Rak produces the most complete product line of engineered pallet rack repair and protective guarding products available. From our industry leading entry level Frontline kit, to our innovative Advantage solution with multiple choice of deflectors, to our patented Elite series, Mac Rak offers the highest impact resistance repair system on the planet. Mac Rak is the best choice for leading distribution supply chain companies from food service to auto parts to e-commerce and big box retailers.

Shawn MacDonald, President and Founder of Mac Rak Inc., puts his lifetime of industry expertise to work every day solving any damaged rack situation encountered. Mac Rak’s dedicated team of employees work to produce the finest 100% American made repair products on the market. Combine that with the power of a nationwide distribution network of experienced dealers and the best factory service, and you’ll understand why Mac Rak continues to be the leading force in the rack repair industry for more than 17 years.

  • Mac Rak manufactures 26 column punch styles in house from 50,000 psi min yield steel, the industry standard (less than .5% outsourced column stock)
  • We fabricate, powder coat paint, and ship from Joliet, IL 100% Ameri can made
  • All standard rack colors available at no extra charge
  • Quick ship programs are available
  • Creators of the only easy to understand user guide for the inspection of damaged storage rack systems

Mac Rak is the only choice for all your engineered storage rack repair needs.

For more information contact your local dealer, or contact Mac Rak directly 815-723-7400 –

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