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Requirement For Impalement Protection Plausible Deniability

J-CAT Safety Products, a leading manufacturer of safety products for the construction industry, has released a special report for California Concrete Professionals entitled The Impact of Plausible Deniability. This report describes the financial consequences a company may experience if not compliant with OSHA, specifically Cal-OSHA regulations.

“As we spoke with members of the construction community, we found a lot of confusion surrounding the requirements for job site safety, specifically impalement protection,” said Kristin Messer, chief operations officer, J-CAT Safety Products. “This special report should help to clear up any misconceptions regarding this important issue.”

J-CAT has designed and manufactured an impalement protection device, certified by Cal-OSHA (C-1741-AG), to possibly mitigate any potential financial ramifications imposed by Cal-OSHA should a job site be found to have exposed steel.

J-CAT Safety Products is the first and only company to produce and receive a certification by Cal-OSHA for this specific regulation.

“I am proud of the J-CAP™ Safety Cover. We have worked incredibly hard to provide a quality product made in the U.S. for this industry that potentially could save money, and more importantly, save lives,” said Peter J Pulizzi, founder and CEO, J-CAT Safety Products.

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