Rockford Systems Announces “Engineered To Order” Service to Address Need for Custom Combustion Solutions

Rockford Systems, LLC. announced the expansion of its capabilities with Engineered To Order (ETO) services for its fuel valve trains and overall custom combustion solutions. Staffed by an experienced team of in-house engineers, the new service scales out to provide end-to-end project management from specification to commissioning, saving end-users time and money while ensuring superior performance of combustion systems.

Rockford Systems ETO serves as an expert resource for customers installing new combustion systems or those who are retrofitting existing ones across a range of industries, including power generation, pulp and paper, abatement, food processing, automotive, refining and chemical processing.

“As thermal combustion systems have grown in complexity, the potential for unsafe conditions have increased proportionally,” said Robert Sanderson, P.E., director of business development for Rockford Systems. “To help solve that problem, Rockford Systems ETO furnishes needed technical insights into the development of combustion systems with our clientele to deliver worker safety, maximize process capabilities, and improve efficiency.  All while providing cost effective results.”

Rockford Systems ETO utilizes innovative technology solutions, including advanced analytics capabilities that enable better decision making in the custom design of fuel valve trains. By identifying the right components and design for fuel handling, Rockford Systems makes it possible for customers to realize efficiencies within an overall thermal combustion system. Underpinning the designs are a library with over 60,000 pre-engineered valve train solutions to choose from. All Rockford Systems valve trains are built to precise requirements. Components, materials and systems all meet or exceed NFPA, NEMA, NEC, CSA, UL, FM and other globally-recognized safety standards.

The company’s solutions utilize 3D models that are importable to customers’ CAD systems, streamlining their participation in the design and manufacturing process. The 3D visualization allows complex variations in layout and designs for any capacity, fuel, footprint, or environment to be quickly accommodated, such as the addition of leak-test systems, geometric restrictions, or ancillary controls.

Rockford Systems valve trains help decrease downtime and can be implemented without significant upfront capital expenses or changes to current operational processes. All assemblies, standard or custom, are backed by a two-year warranty, are powder coated and pressure tested prior to delivery.

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