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Schmalz to present a new series of magnetic grippers at the Assembly trade show

Schmalz Inc. will be presenting solutions for a wide range of automated and manual handling applications at the Assembly 2016 trade show in Rosemont, IL, October 25th– 27th. The company will introduce the new SGM-HP/-HT series of magnetic grippers as well as many other solutions at booth 1938. These grippers can handle ferromagnetic workpieces and feature high holding forces and excellent temperature resistance.

Schmalz presents a new series of magnetic grippers at the Motek trade show

Schmalz presents a new series of magnetic grippers at the Motek trade show

Schmalz developed these high-performance magnetic grippers specifically for handling perforated plates, laser-cut parts, sheet metal with drill holes and apertures as well as other ferromagnetic workpieces. The magnetic field of an integrated permanent magnet ensures that the workpieces are gripped securely. Compressed air is used to move the magnets, which activates and deactivates the gripping.

Schmalz offers two versions in various sizes: The HP (High Performance) version generates high holding forces for particularly heavy workpieces. A friction ring absorbs high lateral forces while also protecting the surface of the workpiece. The HT (High Temperature) version with an optional friction ring is suitable for high-temperature applications up to 250 degrees Celsius, for example if you need to move hot sheet metal. The grippers’ aluminum housing makes them compact and lightweight and ensures that they take up very little space. Schmalz also offers various accessories for the new product range, such as sensors and holder systems to allow for custom assembly situations. Multiple grippers can also be installed in a block.

The comprehensive portfolio of vacuum components to be presented in Rosemont also includes the vacuum suction cup SPOB1f for reliable handling of narrow, film-packaged products such as chocolate bars or bags of bulk materials. Schmalz will also be exhibiting its Compact Terminal SCTMi with integrated NFC (near-field communication) technology and IO-Link communication, which is used for the advance detection of errors in machines and systems. With this system, you can receive error messages on a mobile device and initiate service measures before the error quickly leads to expensive unplanned downtime. The vacuum generator SBPL allows you to handle a range of different workpieces with short cycle times. It features an ideal combination of high suction capacity and energy efficiency.

Schmalz also assists its customers by providing system solutions, from project planning and design all the way to the start of operations. At the Assembly trade show, the company will be presenting the high-performance layer-gripping system SPZ-M for quickly palletizing and de-palletizing various goods in warehouses and intra-logistics processes. The gripper product range is a modular system that includes various designs. Visitors to the trade show can also experience the intuitive software used to control the high-performance palletizer SPZ-M-C. Users can save new gripping procedures for various workpieces and then access these later from a library.

Schmalz’s exhibition at the trade show will also include a range of manual handling solutions that are designed to make workplaces significantly more ergonomic. Schmalz has developed grippers for small load carriers that can be connected to the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo, thus creating a solution for fast commissioning with high cycle frequencies (up to 300 picks per hour, depending on the application). These units include intuitive operating elements that allow employees to work ergonomically and without quickly tiring. A sturdy guide frame ensures that the gripper is set down securely on the boxes. Hooks in the lifting slots provide a positive connection to the small load carrier and ensure that it is held securely. Schmalz offers the grippers for small load carriers in the sizes 400 x 300 and 600 x 400 millimeters.

About Schmalz
Schmalz is a global leader in the field of industrial automation as it pertains to vacuum automation, robotic palletizing vacuum grippers, material handling vacuum lift assist devices and CNC machine vacuum clamping.  The company is known for its innovative quality products, which give its customers decisive productivity improvements in their manufacturing processes, as well as its commitment to the environment and its employees.  The forward looking 105 year young privately held manufacturer has continually reinvented itself with each generation and has to its credit over 450 patents to date.

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