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Smooth Transition at the Loading Dock

Forklift operators cross the threshold from facility to floor to trailer bed more than 100,000 times each year. Implementing a proper Smooth Transition Dok System® can help protect workers from chronic injuries such as lower back pain developed from Whole Body Vibration (aka “Dock Shock”). It can also help increase the lifetime of equipment by reducing damage caused by hazardous bumps and gaps.

A Rite-Hite Smooth Transition is more than just one part on a dock leveler. It is a full collection of masterfully engineered features that make up an entire preventative system designed to keep personnel and products safe.

Constant Radius Rear Hinge provides a seamless ride between the leveler deck and rear weldment by reducing the gap and staying at a consistent 1/3-inch space.

Two-point Crown Control reinforces the front hinge in two places to extend the life of the lip hinge, while also reducing the crown at the transition point from leveler deck to leveler lip. This removes the “speed bump” felt during the loading process.

Optimized Lip Chamfer comes standard with an extended length of 3 inches that provides the forklift a more gradual transition from lip to trailer bed floor; helping to reduce the bodily impact felt when repeatedly driving over it during the loading process.

Extended Lip Length gives added security of at least a 9-inch lip purchase inside the trailer bed. When facilities have a variety of trailer types delivering to the loading dock and the potential trailer creep of 4 inches or more, there may be a concern of a lip falling into the sill of a trailer or dropping off it completely. This helps prevent forklift dock drop-off by adding additional lip length to the dock leveler.

L-Beam stringer design includes two extra beams under the leveler deck for increased strength and allows the leveler to flex up to 4 inches under its own weight. This also allows the lift operator to drive with the confidence that they will not encounter a hazardous floor division caused by an uneven trailer, especially when exiting the trailer.

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