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STAFDA Adds Another Speaker to Orlando Roster

STAFDA recently was introduced to Mark Sangster, a cybersecurity evangelist, during a session at the summer meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). His topic, The New Cyber Threat Landscape, dove into what is an increasing problem for STAFDA members: ransomware.

Today’s criminals are no longer casual hackers, rather they are well-organized, professional groups who share “business models.” Today, ransomware and wire fraud are far more prevalent than hacking. For a $1 million company, for example, about 25 percent ($250K) is a typical ransomware demand. Additionally, 60 percent of small to mid-sized companies don’t survive a cyberattack six months after it happens.

Sangster is bringing his knowledge to STAFDA’s Orlando Convention & Trade Show and will lead a workshop on cybersecurity Tuesday, October 26, from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. In addition, he’s conducting a webinar for STAFDA on Thursday, September 23.

Cybersecurity was the #1 discussion topic during STAFDA’s Mid-Year Board of Directors meeting and is a serious issue for businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries. Manufacturers are particularly targeted because they can’t afford down time and more likely to pay the ransom. Sangster will address how ransomware to one company impacts its business partners up and down the supply chain. Organizations need to shift the security discussion away from technology gates alone toward a focus on leadership, team behaviors, and mutual support. Cybersecurity is not an IT problem to solve – it’s a business risk to manage.

Sangster is the author of No Safe Harbor: The Inside Truth about Cybercrime – and How to Protect Your Business. He is vice president and industry security strategist at cybersecurity provider, eSentire, Waterloo, ON. His 25-year career was established with industry giants like Intel Corp., Cisco Systems, and BlackBerry, where he worked on the first secure devices for government agencies.

Registration materials for STAFDA’s Orlando Convention & Trade Show is now open. The workshop is included in the Convention registration fee, and only STAFDA members may attend.

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