Toyota Logistics Design Competition 2020 Highlights North American Talent in Competition’s First Year Accepting U.S. Applicants

Toyota Material Handling North America (TMHNA), composed of Toyota Material Handling, Inc. and The Raymond Corporation, is recognizing the talent of North American industrial design students after an extraordinary demonstration of collective skill during the recent Toyota Logistics Design Competition 2020.

Six U.S. competitors ranked among the 10 semifinalists, selected for their uniquely innovative design concepts answering the challenge to develop solutions to improve airport baggage handling.

Overall, 240 designs were submitted worldwide to the Toyota Logistics Design Competition 2020, with approximately one in every 10 submissions originating from the U.S. This was the fourth edition of the competition and the first year to accept entries from North American students. Previously, the Toyota Logistics Design Competition was for European students only.

Baggage handling design solutions were evaluated, and 10 semifinalists were selected by a jury of design and innovation professionals from Toyota Material Handling and Toyota Industries companies Vanderlande and Raymond. Finalists of the competition were chosen by industry experts and leaders.

Among the finalists announced in November 2020 is California State University student Kevin Wong of Long Beach, California. Wong was awarded 2nd place in the prestigious international competition in recognition of his concept for AIRTRO, an automated baggage trolley system designed specifically for airports to help solve common logistical issues stemming from delayed baggage caused by transfer mishandling.

Finalists were announced during a virtual awards ceremony in late 2020. Finalists of the competition receive a cash prize and are given the opportunity to apply for a 6-month paid internship at the Toyota Material Handling Design Center.

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