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Vacuum Power For Versatility: Schmalz Exhibits Solutions For The Packaging Industry At The PackExpo Trade Show

Schmalz Inc. will be exhibiting automated and manual vacuum handling solutions for the packaging and food and beverage industries at the PackExpo 2016 trade show (November 6th – 9th in Chicago). New products at the Schmalz booth N-6022 include the oval tubular bag suction cup SPOB1f for flow-wrap packaging processes in packaging machines.

Schmalz launched the new oval tubular bag suction cup SPOB1f specially for high-speed packaging processes.

Schmalz launched the new oval tubular bag suction cup SPOB1f specially for high-speed packaging processes.

With a rate of up to 600 pieces per minute, flow-wrapping is an extremely dynamic application and poses enormous challenges for handling the workpieces. Schmalz launched the new oval tubular bag suction cup SPOB1f specially for these high-speed packaging processes. The suction cup features a high holding force and ensures that products are reliably deposited in cardboard boxes after the flow-wrapping process.

At PackExpo, Schmalz will also present a new material developed specially for the food and beverage industry: Bellows suction cups made from SI-MD silicone contain a low percentage of metal oxide, which can be picked up by metal detectors. Schmalz therefore prevents contamination of baked goods, bread, pizza or granola bars: If suction cups are not replaced in time and tear, any undesired material in the food can be immediately detected. Bellows suction cups made from SI-HD (heavy-duty silicone) are also suitable for the food and beverage sector. They are extremely wear resistant and can be used when particularly high durability is required, for example with rough food products or packaging. Both suction cup types are FDA compliant. Schmalz has added bellows suction cup SPB2 made from ElastoDur to its product range for applications with particular high requirements for suction cup stroke, dynamic performance and wear resistance to cardboard boxes, for example in box and tray erectors. The Schmalz booth in Chicago will also feature the energy-efficient ejector module ecoPump SEP and the extremely powerful and efficient basic ejector SBPL.

When combined with high-performance palletizing robots, Schmalz vacuum layer gripping systems and area gripping systems increase production capacity in automated handling applications. Schmalz will also be exhibiting the area gripper FXP, an all-round solution. It picks, sorts and palletizes cardboard boxes and bags, as well as other items. The layer gripping system SPZ-M can reliably grip layers of cans and glass of different sizes and shapes without damaging them. Users thus achieve high throughput and save time because the system does not need to be retooled when products are changed.

In Chicago Schmalz will also be presenting the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex for manual handling of cardboard boxes and other items. It is particularly suitable for quick handling of lighter loads with a weight up to 50 kilograms. The JumboErgo 85 operates in a higher weight class, handling loads up to 85 kilograms. It can easily move bulky workpieces such as plastic sheets without putting strain on the user. At picking workstations, small load carriers have to be moved quickly and in large quantities. For these areas, the flexible box gripper for the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo is particularly effective. It significantly improves the ergonomics of the workstation and boosts efficiency.

About Schmalz
Schmalz is a global leader in the field of industrial automation as it pertains to vacuum automation, robotic palletizing vacuum grippers, material handling vacuum lift assist devices and CNC machine vacuum clamping.  The company is known for its innovative quality products, which give its customers decisive productivity improvements in their manufacturing processes, as well as its commitment to the environment and its employees.  The forward looking 105 year young privately held manufacturer has continually reinvented itself with each generation and has to its credit over 450 patents to date.

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