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Why Use a Yard Management System?

Exotrac Integration_with_external_services_or_applications
As the logistics field learns to embrace the modern age, utilization of yard management systems such as Yardtrac Pro and Yardtrac Lite has been on the rise. The modern day yard management system is simply a better way of doing things versus the old paper and phone system. You can cut out the middle man and have access to your information from anywhere at any time. You also have better control over yard moves and can keep track of your containers more easily, which increases transparency across multiple departments.

Our yard management software allows your company to cut down on demurrage and detention costs as well as increase worker productivity. Exotrac does this by cutting down on the time that your workers would spend trying to locate lost containers and by streamlining the process from the gate to the dock, and back out to the open road.

Exotrac FSPLFPQBCZ smallFull Customization
One of the things that our partners like best about Exotrac is the ability to customize their application to fit their needs. Some of our yard management services and solutions include: yard maps displaying the location of each trailer or container within the facility, dock scheduling, empty notifications, alerts of important notices or changes within the schedule, security checks, spotting (as a package deal with one of our partners), and rugged phones to last any situation your yard throws at them.

Rugged Phones
All smart phones are equipped with a rugged case to protect them from dust, water and impacts. The phones come with your custom application pre-installed and the device locked to kiosk mode to ensure that workers stay on task.

Exotrac 5UR0L279LG smallProven Value
Our yard management solution can produce a noticeable ROI almost immediately. Our turnkey solution can be implemented within weeks rather than months, and is the most cost effective YMS system on the market. We employ in house development teams to build our custom applications and tailor them to our clients’ specific needs.

Easy to Use
Since our apps are tailored to each client, we can implement the same terminology and processes used at any given facility – in order to make the switch over to Yardtrac Pro or Yardtrac Lite as smooth as possible. We also have our implementation team on site to train staff on how to use our yard management software.

All of our role based functions are given terms that your workers already know and will know how to interact with, thus decreasing the time spent learning how to use the software. Our interactive, online yard map is a comprehensive way to show the real time location and status of every trailer to communicate to you and your workers the objective for the day.

If you are still having trouble deciding if Exotrac is the right YMS system for you, you can schedule a demo with us today. To learn more about our YardTrac Pro by e-mailing us at or giving us a call at212-989-0171.

exotrac_logo_RED ConvertedExotrac was founded in 2005, and is the leading provider of real time logistics management software for the automotive, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain logistics industries. Our innovative and cost-effective yard management software solutions utilize the latest cutting edge cloud based and mobile technologies. For more information on Exotrac, visit

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