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4 Tips for Making the Most of Your 2023 PPE Budget From Safety Experts at Magid

With the New Year comes new goals, and safety professionals know that smart budgeting is often an important factor in achieving those goals. This year, safety experts from Magid, a North American PPE manufacturer and distributor, are sharing 4 tips to help safety professionals make the most of their 2023 PPE Budget.

1. Analyze Your PPE Usage

A simple first step to making the most of any PPE budget is analyzing its current state. Review your spend, the safety items you’re purchasing, and how frequently you need to reorder. If workers are going through PPE more quickly than expected, it may save money to find more durable gear that will last longer. It’s also possible that workers are tossing their PPE before it’s time. Inventory management programs can help track and control PPE usage. Training and posted guides can help workers to understand when they can continue using an item and when it’s time to launder or toss it.

2. Standardize PPE Wherever Possible

Look at the various styles of PPE you are purchasing and determine which styles are being used for the same application or environment. After getting input from workers about which styles are most popular, begin phasing out the other options. As a result, you can order fewer styles, buy in bulk, and limit the hassle and expense of keeping PPE in stock. Plus, employees will have buy-in because they had an opportunity to offer their opinion about which styles they liked best.

3. Try the Latest PPE Innovations

While some might appear more expensive at first glance, many of the latest PPE innovations are more durable so they last longer and actually save money. Look for gloves with increased abrasion resistance, reinforcement points in critical wear areas such as a thumb saddle, and palm coatings that will stand up to tough environments such as Magid’s TriTek Palm® gloves that offer advanced oil grip without saturation. The latest PPE innovations also include features for increasing worker comfort. This is important because comfortable PPE plays a large role in keeping workers compliant while helping to reduce injuries and protect your bottom line. Look for dexterous, lightweight, and breathable PPE such as Magid’s AeroDex® Technology that will keep workers cool and won’t get in the way of the job.

4. Get a Professional Safety Assessment

Consult with a trusted safety expert who can help with the first three tips. In a safety assessment, experts analyze things like usage, spending, and product application. Based on their assessment, the expert can then make recommendations for improving efficiency such as which PPE to standardize or which new innovations to try. Magid’s Smart Safety Assessments are even designed to offer valuable advice on increasing workers’ safety and staying OSHA compliant.

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