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Compressed Air Vacuums Offer Safety, Reliability

WMHS sat down with Basil Fornaci, Director of Sales & Marketing, HafcoVac, to learn more about the company’s compressed air vacuums, which come in explosion-proof models and with silencer technology, among other features.

  1. HafcoVac’s industrial vacuums do not rely on electricity. Can you explain how the vacuum is powered?

HafcoVacs are powered by compressed air, which is typically available in many customers’ facilities. Once connected, a stream of compressed air runs through a venturi nozzle, generating a significant suction pressure.

  1. Why are compressed air pneumatic vacuums more economical and reliable than their electric counterparts?

Our vacuums contain no motors or moving parts, which means there is nothing that can wear down or burn out. HafcoVacs come standard with a lifetime warranty, which means customers can depend on consistent performance year after year, without having to ever replace the vacuum itself.

  1. One of the extra features available for the HafcoVac is the S’hush Silencer. How does this help employers who are trying to reduce noise and be compliant with noise/ear protection regulations?

The S’hush silencer is something we’ve developed in-house and has significantly reduced the overall noise level of the vacuum. By dropping the level from around 91dB to 77dB, it’s now low enough to have a conversation over, without the use of sign language or screaming.

  1. The company’s line of HafcoVac Explosion-Proof Vacuum Cleaners are ATEX Certified as “safe for use in hazardous locations” as part of a combustible dust control program. Can you elaborate on the importance of dust control in the workplace? How do HafcoVac’s products help safeguard the workplace from combustible dust?

As many industry experts would agree, the most dangerous dust in a combustible dust environment can be that which collects in the neglected and hard to reach areas. HafcoVac has several different attachments for helping to reach these areas, and many years’ worth of feedback from satisfied customers. Beyond ensuring compliance with OSHA and NFPA, HafcoVac aims to help its customers achieve the safest and cleanest workplace possible.

  1. Do the explosion-proof vacuums perform with the same power as other HafcoVac vacuums?

Our line of explosion-proof vacuums has added safety features, such as HEPA filtration and anti-static hoses. However, these enhancements do not affect the performance of our vacuum in any way.

  1. What if a customer is not sure if dust ignition-proof vacuum equipment is necessary for their facility?

We encourage our customers to have their facilities and dust tested by a third party, to identify any hazards associated with airborne combustible or respirable dust hazards.

  1. Can you elaborate on some of the safety certifications that HafcoVac currently holds (i.e., OSHA, ATEX, etc.)?

HafcoVac is ATEX Certified, which is becoming the industry standard for grounded equipment used in combustible dust environments. Our vacuums have been tested and designated as safe for use with combustible dust, by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, as per OSHA’s requirements.

  1. Is the company involved in addressing OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Dust rule? Are there any plans to develop a vacuum or other equipment that might assist customers in staying compliant with the ruling?

The new Silica Dust requirements have caused lots of new customers from different industries to consider using compressed air vacuum systems in their day-to-day operations. HafcoVac has always been a flexible company, allowing us to address the needs of the industry, and each customer, to put the best product forward. Our products have always evolved, and this new silica dust regulation will continue the trend of constant improvement.

HafcoVac is a family-owned business, in operation for 50 years. Selling directly to our customers allows us to remain as the price leader in Certified Pneumatic Vacuums, while keeping us closer to the industries that use our products. Our ability to provide same-day shipping has given us a clear competitive advantage that our customers appreciate.  WMHS

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