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Ergodyne Urges Millions of At-Risk Workers to “Check Your Head” With Launch of New Above-The-Shoulders Protective Gear

Don’t put your neck on the line without protecting what’s above it. That’s the advice from workplace safety advocate Ergodyne as it announced its latest salvo in the battle against the so-called “above-the-shoulders” injuries threatening millions of workers annually—including brain trauma, eye injuries, and the approximately 22 million U.S. workers currently exposed to hazardous occupational noise each year.

Ergodyne’s Hard Hat Mounted Earmuffs are the work safety leader’s first foray into hearing protection and are part of a suite of new solutions aimed at protecting the eyes, ears and brains of a worksite:

Eye and Face Protection

  • Skullerz®DELLENGER Safety Glasses
    Feature adjustable temples that shift up or down and lock into place for a custom fit on a variety of face sizes;
  • Skullerz®MODI OTG Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Safety Goggles
    Feature a comfortable soft molded gasket and oversized, wrap-around lens that can be worn over prescription glasses;
  • Skullerz®ARKYN Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Safety Goggles
    Feature a comfortable soft molded gasket that creates a customized fit to seal out dust, debris and liquid splashes; and
  • Skullerz®Face Shields
    Available in mesh or anti-scratch/anti-fog clear and smoke shields to protect against flying debris, splashes and particles.

All the above solutions (except for the mesh face shield) are available with Ergodyne’s new Fog-Off+ Enhanced Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Technology, promising improved scratch resistance and anti-fog performance vs. the work safety brand’s original Fog-Off technology.

Hearing Protection

  • Skullerz®8880 Hard Hat Mounted Earmuffs
    Comfortable padded and foam-filled design, tested to a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 26dB to reduce noise levels.

OSHA mandates that any workplace averaging 85dB for an eight-hour average exposure, must put in place an effective hearing conservation program. (On construction sites it’s a 90dB threshold.)

Head Protection

  • Skullerz®Face Shields and Hearing Protection are designed to integrate with Ergodyne’s expanding line of safety helmets and hard hats.

Ergodyne is one of the few North American head protection manufacturers currently offering a safety helmet to protect against non-linear impacts. Despite being known to result in TBIs, non-linear impacts are not accounted for in safety standards testing for hard hats and safety helmets.

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