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STUDSON Debuts Welding and Face Shields

Clear, arc-flash tint, and shade 5 green tint options provide unrivaled protection and comfort

STUDSON, a leader in above-the-neck personal protection equipment, announced three face shields that are purpose-built to fit the SHK-1 Full Brim Safety Helmet: the Arc Flash Tint Welding Shield, the Clear Shield, and the Shade 5 Green Tint Shield. Exclusively designed with Paulson Manufacturing, the three shields integrate seamlessly with the STUDSON full brim ANSI Z89.1 Type II safety helmet, bypassing the need to custom fit a shield or to swap personal protective equipment (PPE) mid-job.

A welding helmet is an indispensable part of a welder’s gear, as are face shields for cutting and other high-impact applications, but often, they are a one-size-fits-all product that is bulky and can cause neck strain. Studson’s welding shield, clear face shield, and shade 5 green tint shields all feature an ergonomic design; the weight-compensating slotted cap bracket reduces the strain felt when the shield is stowed, offering better balance and comfort.

  • Full Brim Welding Face Shield – Arc Flash Tint: With an arc thermal protective value (ATPV) rating of 12 cal/cm², this shield offers robust protection against arc flash hazards, ensuring safety in high-risk environments. Also featuring an HT™ nanoparticle lens, the cutting-edge nanoparticle technology enhances clarity and durability, providing a clever view while maintaining high resistance to impacts;
  • Full Brim Face Shield – Clear: Built for high-temperature and high-impact applications, the clear shield offers unobstructed visibility, making it ideal for a variety of applications where a clear view is essential while maintaining high levels of protection; and
  • Full Brim Face Shield – Shade 5 Green Tint: Designed for optimal protection and visibility in gas welding and cutting operations, the Shade 5 green tint shields your eyes from harmful radiation while providing a clear view of your work. It is rated for severe industrial service where high temperature and high impact may occur.

All three styles feature the LeverLock® attachment system, allowing for quick and easy shield replacement. The press-to-release slotted adapters make bracket removal simple and hassle-free. In addition, the toric-shaped lens design allows for an expansive field of vision and excellent downward sightlines while minimizing internal glare to help you stay aware of your surroundings. The shields also have permanent anti-fog and anti-abrasion coatings that ensure long-lasting clarity and scratch resistance, helping reduce maintenance and replacement needs.

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