Ergodyne Extends Squids Tethering Line with Barcode Scanner Lanyard Harness

Ergodyne announced an addition to its dropped object prevention solutions line with the launch of the Squids® 3132 Barcode Scanner Lanyard Harness. Designed with warehouse and distribution workers in mind, the Barcode Scanner Lanyard Harness keeps scanners both secure and accessible.

“In addition to the injury risk that comes with dropped objects, barcode scanners are expensive pieces of equipment to replace,” said Brent Velenchenko, product specialist for Ergodyne. “The Barcode Scanner Lanyard Harness not only improves worksite efficiency by providing quick access to scanners, it prevents those costly drops.”

Each ambidextrous lanyard harness includes two small loop attachments that connect to captive holes in the scanner, enabling them to hang comfortably at the worker’s hip when not in use. A Squids 3133 Barcode Scanner Lanyard – Loop Attachment Replacements (10-Pack) could be purchased separately for those who frequently use multiple scanners, eliminating the need to switch out loop attachments one every exchange.

“The Squids® line is all about preventing dropped objects to keep workers and their gear safe,” said Tom Votel, Ergodyne president and CEO, Ergodyne. “The Barcode Lanyard Scanner Harness fills another gap in the category by providing a solution for this widely used—and expensive—piece of equipment.”

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