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Petzl is Excited to Announce a New Product Offering for Fall Protection; the ASAP and ASAP Lock Kits

The ASAP and ASAP LOCK kits come pre-assembled with a mobile fall arrester, energy absorber and connectors. These kits provide a ready-to-use personal fall arrest system that meet the OHSA fall protection regulations and the ANSI Z359.15 standard when used with RAY 11 lifelines, which are available with or without a sewn termination, and sold separately.

The ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arresters are installed on a lifeline, such as a RAY rope, and follows the user as they move, whether on an inclined or vertical surface. In case of a slip or fall, the mobile fall arrester locks onto the RAY rope which arrests the

user and stops the fall. The ASAP’SORBER provides energy absorption and limits impact forces according to the user’s weight and fall distance.

Depending on the working situation and intended use, there are a few important differences between the five kits.

  • ASAP: The ASAP is a simple mobile fall arrester appropriate for use on sloped roofs, in swing stages, on ladders and on vertical structures.
  • ASAP LOCK: The ASAP LOCK features an integrated locking function that allows the user to immobilize the device on the lifeline in order to reduce the potential fall distance. This function is also useful when working in windy environments, helping to keep tension in the lifeline. The connection arm makes the system drop-resistant when passing intermediate anchors.

The ASAP’SORBER energy absorbers allow the user to work at a distance from the rope, in order to protect it during certain work phases. Equipped with tear-webbing inside a pouch that opens on each end, the absorbers are protected from abrasion and allow for regular inspection.

  • ASAP’SORBER 20: A 20 cm energy absorber that provides a reduced fall distance and thus requires less clearance, designed for users up to 285 lbs.
  • ASAP’SORBER 40: A 40 cm energy absorber that allows the worker to be positioned at a greater distance from the lifeline, designed for users up to 285 lbs.
  • ASAP’SORBER AXESS: A 40 cm energy absorber that allows the worker to be positioned at a greater distance from the lifeline, designed for users up to 285 lbs and can be used for loads of up to 550 lbs. in two-person rescue situations.

All five pre-assembled kits are certified to meet the ANSI Z359.15 standard (Safety Requirements for Single Anchor Lifelines and Fall Arresters) and OSHA fall protection regulations. A RAY 11 lifeline, with or without a sewn termination, is required to meet these requirements and is sold separately.

Please use the Petzl Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you. For more information, please contact For more information please visit For technical How-To videos, visit the Petzl Professional YouTube.

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