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Questions and Answers about Dunlop Protective Footwear

What are the benefits of the millions of air pockets that Purofort contains?

Looking under the microscope, Purofort has small, even-sized air pockets, whereas Low Pressure PU has fewer, uneven-sized air pockets. This difference makes Dunlop’s boots more flexible, lighter, and more comfortable than low-pressure PU boots.

What are the structural features that make Purofort cut resistant yet flexible?

Dunlop’s cross-linking structure creates a thinner wall making the boots more flexible and cut-resistant, similar to chainmail. This exceptional durability gives the makers and doers of the world all-day protection.

How does Dunlop’s proprietary Purofort differ from rubber?

Compared to rubber, Dunlop’s Purofort has more stretch for all-day wearing comfort, flexibility, and durability. Purofort is 40% lighter, almost twice as flexible, and thermal insulates to keep feet warm during cold conditions and cool when it is warm.

Which Dunlop boots are best suited for the agricultural, construction and food industries, and why?

Dunlop has a Good, Better, Best collection for each segment with over 42 different outsoles designed to get the job done for the end-use environment.

What are the main differences between the three Snugboot styles?

Dunlop’s Snugboot is designed to be the most comfortable work boot invented. The extraordinary components provide extraordinary comfort, and the innovations inside the Snugboot have been brought into the rest of the innovative Sneaker Fit boots.

The difference between Sneaker fit and Classic Fit

Dunlop’s innovative and proprietary Sneaker Fit eliminates heel slippage, locking in your foot and ankle, decreases outsole abrasion, and reduces walking weight. Classic Fit allows for easy on-and-off, protection from contamination, and reducing cuts and tears with its flexibility.

What makes Dunlop proud?

Dunlop is honored to continue to innovate the work boot in over 75 countries over the past 130+ years. Our locations in Maryland USA, the Netherlands, and Portugal produce innovative footwear solutions that empower the end user to get the job done safely, and most importantly step through their front door after a job well done.

Importance of Sustainability

Dunlop Protective Footwear is the sustainability leader in safety footwear, and with our 3rd ecovadis gold rating in a row, we are in the top 5% of companies globally. We make every step count from zero waste facilities to our recycling programs. Dunlop has donated over 13,000 boots to the makers and doers in need.

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