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Glove Recycling: Stay Safe, Stay Green

Jon Chisholm General Manager, Closed Loop Recycling

Safety is non-negotiable in the workplace, and unfortunately, personal protective equipment often winds up in a landfill after use. What if you could eliminate that waste stream; reduce company liability; and simultaneously save money? Closed Loop Recycling (CLR) is an industrial launderer of PPE, absorbents and wipers, offering the most environmentally-friendly laundering process in the country.

Proven Process

The company’s leading-edge, award-winning process and customer service make CLR stand out in the industry. Our team is dedicated to establishing unique, custom and cost-effective solutions which meet customers’ sustainability goals. No two manufacturing plants are alike. As a result, CLR offers tailored programs which are reflective of its customers’ individualized needs. “We Think Outside the Drum!”

As part of CLR’s PPE Laundering Program, clients are provided with labeled 55-gallon collection drums, which are used as single-stream receptacles for used PPE. Detailed plant layouts are created for our drivers to track drum locations; perform continued station-by-station consolidation; properly manage inventory; and provide service. Our customer service team will set up a detailed service strategy, custom to a company’s specific needs, to pick up the used drums and deliver fresh bundles of PPE.

Once the used materials arrive at our facility, the drums are weighed to calculate the waste diversion. The items are then sorted and cleaned per the recommended care instruction; zero hazardous chemicals are used during the laundering process. From there, equipment is run through a metal-detection system to ensure the clients’ employees’ safety. Equipment is then inspected by hand for quality control, where torn and damaged items are removed from rotation. The clean gear is then paired and bundled by our team for the next delivery.


The industrial laundering system is designed to reduce the amount a client spends on materials, especially high-cost gloves and sleeves. On average, our PPE laundering program saves upwards of 60% compared to buying new. Our facilities are able to process a wide variety of PPE, including Kevlar® gloves, nitrile and PU dipped gloves, string knit gloves, leather gloves, cut sleeves, FR aprons and chaps, as well as FR jackets and safety vests. Additional product laundering programs, such as reusable absorbents and wipers, are also available.

While cost savings are crucial to any business, it’s also important to recognize the environmental impact your company can make. To help illustrate the environmental benefits, CLR provides each of its partners with a unique “Monthly Sustainability Report,” which documents the amount of waste the company has diverted from landfills or incineration. Sustainability Reports are provided on a monthly basis at no additional cost, and can be used towards ISO14001 certification and/or Corporate Green Initiatives.

Closed Loop Recycling can also provide free training to employees, eliminating the hassle of adjusting to a new program. We offer a comprehensive classroom training program; a quick safety meeting training; or digital training materials for all end-users. Correct training in a facility can reduce cost with CLR by up to 20%. Our team can help to identify the training that will work best for a company.

Think Outside the Drum

One of our mottos is “Let us do the dirty work.” Closed Loop Recycling offers a no-risk, free trial that results in a detailed proposal for a facility. Not only do we provide the collection container and transit, we will launder the items free of charge and return them to the facility with a per-pair quote.

We offer two trial options accommodating any company’s needs:

  1. Trial Bag: CLR will send out a bag that holds approximately 100 pairs of gloves. Once the bag is filled with used PPE items and sealed, CLR will provide a pre-paid shipping label for transit back to our facility. Once processed, CLR will return the laundered items with a per-pair quote.
  2. Collection Drum: CLR will provide a collection drum with signage that holds approximately 400 pairs of used gloves. Once full, CLR will pick up and provide transit back to our facility. After processing, CLR will return the items with a per-pair quote. WMHS

Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., Closed Loop Recycling (CLR) specializes as an industrial launderer of reusable absorbents, wipers and PPE. CLR’s legendary service and award-winning process for turning three waste streams into three reusable products help companies achieve green initiatives and critical waste reduction goals such as Zero Landfill and ISO14001 certification. To learn more about CLR’s Recycling Solutions, please visit or call 888-USED-OIL.

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