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Magid Redesigns Impact Protection with Ultra Flexible & Breathable Level 3 Glove

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) released the ANSI/ISEA 138 standard in 2019 to establish the minimum performance, classification, and labeling requirements for impact gloves. PPE manufacturers such as Magid began to include impact level testing in their manufacturing process to measure how much impact force travels through the glove to a worker’s hand and assign the appropriate ANSI/ISEA level 1, level 2, or level 3 rating. Level 1 indicates the minimum amount of impact protection and level 3 indicates the maximum amount of impact protection (click here to learn more about the ANSI/ISEA standard).

While many impact gloves on the market were able to achieve level 1 and level 2 ratings, it was difficult to achieve level 3 impact protection without sacrificing comfort, and most Level 3 offerings remained heavy, stiff, and uncomfortable. In response, safety experts at Magid designed a special formulation of TPR along with a unique ventilated honeycomb design to achieve level 3 impact protection, without sacrificing comfort or breathability.

Introducing Magid’s new TRX883– the premiere glove featuring this revolutionary new TPR design and delivering an unbeatable combination of protection, comfort, and grip.

What makes the TRX883 one of a kind?

  • Magid M-Power Defense System™

Groundbreaking TPR formulation and design that delivers the highest level of impact protection while also allowing 9 times more airflow than a standard impact glove

One of Magid’s most innovative shells that delivers extreme cut resistance and is 50% lighter than a traditional HPPE of the same cut level

Magid’s latest coating technology that delivers over 50% more abrasion resistance than other coatings and enhances worker grip by adapting to almost any environment such as wet, dry, and oily environments

Learn more about the flexible and breathable TRX883 Level 3 Impact Glove by clicking here.

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