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PIP® Introduces World’s First Sustainable Bio-Based Ear Plug

Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (“PIP®”), a global leader in personal protective equipment (PPE) including hand protection, above-the-neck protection, workwear and footwear, proudly announces the launch of BioSoft Ear Plugs, marking a significant advancement in eco-conscious hearing protection solutions.

Traditional ear plugs often contribute to environmental degradation through their manufacturing processes and end-of-life disposal. Recognizing this challenge, PIP® has unveiled BioSoft, the world’s first sustainable bio-based ear plug. Crafted with innovative technology, BioSoft Ear Plugs deliver the same level of fit and performance as conventional polyurethane (PU) or PVC materials while significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

The BioSoft ear plug foam material is engineered to minimize emissions during manufacturing, ensuring a more sustainable production process. BioSoft Ear Plugs emit 5.6x less carbon emissions than traditional polyurethane foam ear plugs. Moreover, BioSoft Ear Plugs are made from 82 percent bio-based materials, enhancing environmental friendliness at the end of use. As a result, they will decompose 76 percent in 180 days where traditional PU or PVC ear plugs will remain unchanged. The development of this groundbreaking technology not only prioritizes performance and comfort but also demonstrates a commitment to preserving our planet.

BioSoft Ear Plugs are offered in uncorded, corded, and metal detectable formats to address broad user needs. The bio-based materials are made in North America, and all components, including the packaging bags, are bio-based.

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