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PIP Announces Release of New Safety Products Catalog

PIP® announced that its safety products catalog is now available. The complete catalog outlines PIP® products and the value they deliver in one place and is now optimized for digital flipbook viewing.

The new catalog has been developed to accommodate the current environment by delivering an all-digital touchless experience. It also offers a completely new and improved layout for both online viewing as well as a downloadable PDF for when internet access may be limited.

The new catalog reportedly integrates rationalized lines from the newest members of the PIP Global family including Boss®, Dynamic®, Worldwide Protective Products, Uniform Technology®, QRP® and West Chester®.

The new catalog also features some new features:

  • Portrait format for ease of handling physical copies and improved online viewing on tablets and mobile devices;
  • 2-part catalog;
    • Pages 5 to 212 are product focused largely covering PIP® products used in industrial and construction markets;
    • Pages 213 to 292 reportedly offer customers heat-to-toe safety solutions for more specialized needs: chemical protection, food safety, controlled environment, welding safety and electrical safety;
  • Product images are aligned within each section by performance specification;
  • Product charts are listed alphanumerically by style number, and could enable the easy comparison of product attributes, quick selection, or cross-referencing;
  • Searching is now instant with the digital flipbook version;
    • Table of contents features live links that take you right to the section you’re looking for;
    • The search icon located at the top of the flipbook allows you to instantly access any product by item number or keyword;
    • The catalog features best sellers, fast-moving and high-volume items;
  • High-impact intro pages divide the catalog into key sections and provide key facts about products, compliance and industry performance standards; and
  • Back pages reportedly contain exciting information about PIP® value-added services, logoing and customization expertise.

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