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Thousands of Overlooked Brain Injuries the Focus of Helmet Partnership Between Minnesota-Based Ergodyne and Mips

Ergodyne, a leading safety work gear innovator headquartered in St. Paul, announced a major partnership with Mips, a world-leading helmet safety technology company, to be among the first to integrate the Mips® safety system into industrial safety helmets.

“Traditionally, hard hats and safety helmets have been focused on protection from direct, linear impacts. Though incredibly important, these designs are not as effective at protecting workers from equally common and potentially more dangerous off-center angled impacts that create rotational forces,” said Tim Gallant, product director, Ergodyne. “There are scientific studies which have concluded that the brain is more sensitive to rotational forces than linear forces.”

To increase protection from angled impacts and resulting rotational forces, the newest Ergodyne safety helmets are made with Mips® Elevate—a low-friction layer that slides multi-directionally intended to help redirect the rotational energy transferred to the head upon falling or impact.

“Over 18,000 workers suffered traumatic brain injuries in 2019,” added Gallant. “By adding Mips Elevate to our best-selling Skullerz® Safety Helmets, we can hopefully help reduce the energies that create some of the brain jarring and tearing that can ultimately lead to lifelong brain damage.”

The development of Mips (multi-directional impact protection system) safety systems results from years of research and development by Swedish neurosurgeon Hans von Holst and engineer Peter Halldin. To date, the technology has primarily been integrated into recreational helmets for leading global brands such as Fox Racing, Bell and Specialized.

“Getting workers home safely is at the forefront of everything we do, and, with Mips, we’ve found a partner who very clearly shares that value,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne. “Our team is both excited and honored to work alongside their world-leading helmet-based safety experts on an innovative solution to this incredibly urgent problem.”

Ergodyne’s new Skullerz Safety Helmets with Mips Elevate are expected to launch by the end of 2021.

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