Wiley X Gears Up for Industrial Safety Month

Protecting eyes at the workplace or job site is of critical importance. Wiley X®, the leading premium protective eyewear brand, proudly prepares for Industrial Safety Month, coming June, with a stunning assortment of ANSI-rated protective eyewear to keep the eyes of workers from any industry safe.

Founded in 1987 by Myles R. Freeman Sr., a proud U.S. veteran with a simple idea: provide superior protective eyewear to the brave men and women who defend our country. Wiley X got its start producing protective, premium eyewear for the U.S. Military.

While Wiley X hasn’t lost sight of its original goal, its mission has evolved. The same technologies that continue to keep the military and elite special forces safe, also protect those who seek safety on the job.

The company’s high-protection quotient and contemporary designs have reportedly become a favorite of on-the-job workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes young and old. Wearers have the freedom to feel safe knowing that their eyes are protected under extreme situations. Not to be overlooked, Wiley X also specializes in prescription safety eyewear, allowing each user to get customized safety glasses to keep their vision intact.

Key features of Wiley X eyewear reportedly include ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings that are OSHA approved for maximum protection, high-wrap frames to prevent unwanted light from obstructing peripheral vision, and models with removable Facial Cavity™ seals that block dust, debris, and harmful substances. Some models come in expanded rim system options, allowing wearers with prescriptions from -7.00 to +5.00 to have premium safety rated eyewear as well. The Worksight™ Series styles come with removable side shields to protect when on-the-job or be removed when wearing in the office or at home.

For more information, visit https://www.wileyx.com.