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Lifting Devices That Protect Your People, Products, and Profitability

Does your application require a little more from your lifting device? Since 1977, Gorbel® has specialized in overhead material handling solutions, providing the highest quality and highest performance cranes. You’ll find that same level of quality in our ergonomic lifting devices.

Gorbel®’s G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Devices fill the void between traditional lifting devices and completely automated robotic solutions. They enable operators to lift and maneuver loads naturally, as if the devices were an extension of their arms, and provide a combination of pinpoint precision and blazing speeds that hoists and air balancers simply can’t offer.

The G-Force® and Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Devices use exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor controlled servo drive system to deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed. They’re designed with a multitude of features to protect both your operator, the product they’re lifting, and the surface they’re setting in on. Our Q2 and iQ2 models help improve productivity, reduce costs associated with product damage, and minimize work-related injuries.

Traditional lifting devices aren’t designed to offer the same features that the G-Force® and Easy Arm® offer, like:

  • Blazing speeds – G-Force® speeds can reach 200 fpm and Easy Arm® speeds can reach 180 fpm, making them 4 times faster than traditional high end lifting devices. A study showed that operators were 124% more productive with the G-Force® than air balancers and 74% more productive than variable frequency drive hoists during high cycle tests.
  • Pinpoint precision –An ergonomic study showed that the G-Force® was 2.5 times less likely to damage the load than an air balancer and 3.3 times less likely to damage the load than variable frequency drive hoists

G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device

G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device takes industrial lifting to the next level. More precise than hoists, more responsive than air balancers, the bridge crane mounted G-Force® improves safety, productivity, and quality, resulting in a direct increase to your bottom line. With speeds from less than 1fpm up to 200fpm, the G-Force® offers the best of both worlds - the control necessary to finesse fragile parts AND speeds up to 4 times faster than traditional high end lifting devices currently on the market. Available in capacities of 165, 330, 660, and 1320 lbs, it’s the smarter lifting choice for automotive, heavy equipment manufacturing, tool & die changeouts, and repetitive lifting jobs.

Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Arm

Gorbel®’s Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Arm integrates our award-winning G-Force® technology into an articulating jib design for a turn-key plug and play lifting solution. The Easy Arm® offers all of the ergonomic and intelligence advantages that the G-Force® offers in a stand-alone package. And, with the optional portable base, you’re able to move the Easy Arm® around your plant floor with ease. With capacities of 165, 330, and 660 lbs, hook heights over 11’ and standard spans up to 14’, it’s the smarter lifting choice for reaching into work cells and machines, reaching around obstructions, high cycle pick and place applications, and loading and unloading machined parts.