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Since 1905, Red Wing has been crafting legendary premium PPE. Today, this wealth of experience extends as Red Wing collaborates with safety professionals and companies, delivering trusted safety PPE programs. Serving as genuine safety partners, Red Wing equips companies with unparalleled head-to-toe PPE solutions, meticulously designed to ensure employees’ safety, comfort, and productivity across all work environments.

Still reimbursing workers for safety footwear? There’s a better way.

Reimbursing employees for safety footwear is a standard practice for many companies. But is “the way it’s always been done” still the best way? Compared to a managed safety program, it may be lacking in many crucial advantages. Get this guide and see for yourself.

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Trend Report: What Matters Most to Safety Professionals

Being a genuine safety partner means knowing what’s important to people in the safety profession. Red Wing asked hundreds of safety professionals about their challenges, concerns, and achievements. Explore their valuable insights in this Trend Report and see how your perspectives and experiences align with a wide community of your peers.

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Share the Facts about Foot Protection at Your Next Safety Meeting

Foot safety is serious. Elevate your next safety meeting by giving your crew the facts about how proper footwear matters more than they may know. Explore together how the right footwear enhances productivity and prevents injuries, empowering your team to prioritize their well-being.

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20 Strategic Tips for Gaining Leadership Buy-in on Safety Investments

A new safety initiative isn’t always easy to sell to upper management, considering their potential aversion to risk and change. This guide offers 20 practical suggestions safety professionals can use to create a compelling rationale for investing in safety training, equipment and protocols. You’ll find tips on everything from understanding your leadership’s style of decision making to how to deal with potential resistance and more.

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ROI of Safety: A Big Picture Overview

Many companies are expanding their perspective on “ROI” – especially when it comes to elevating employee safety. This overview guides safety professionals to shift their focus beyond potential returns on investment and into other essential factors that matter: “Realizing the True ROI of Safety. Evaluating the Data and Dollars.”

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See What the Future of Safety Looks Like

The digital world is changing how safety programs are managed. Learn more about the technology that’s changing the safety industry. Red Wing has an e-Book that dives into the topic, and details some of the technology-driven solutions that can streamline the management of your safety program and focus more on doing what’s most important — keeping your workers safe.

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