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Have you tried other safety knives with little success? At MARTOR, we’re dedicated to helping companies make their employees safer through knife training and education. We value safety above all else and are proud to create knives that are effective for every project in every industry, while providing the safest experience possible.

Five levels of knives for projects in every industry

MARTOR offers five levels of safety for our knives, from bladeless cutting tools to automatic retracting blades. At level one, you will find bladeless knives. Level two features concealed blade safety knives, while level three and four are automatic blade retraction system. At the highest level are more traditional manually retractable and fixed blade cutters. With various levels of knives available, both in ceramic and in steel, you’ll be able to see and feel the quality difference.

MARTOR has been in the business of supplying tools since 1981. Decades later, MARTOR continues to be on the cutting edge of safety knife technology by developing stronger blades, more ergonomic handles and better protection against accidental slices. The safer way to cut isn’t just a slogan, it’s our mission. It means never standing still on innovation or quality. It means MARTOR safety knives will always meet the highest standards for safety and sharpness.

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