Protective Guards & Barriers: Prevent Accidents, Product Damage

January 7, 2019

Barbara Nessinger, Chief Editor Product inventory in a warehouse shares space with both people and equipment. When anything moves from one place to another, there is a risk of accident or injuries to people and/or the possibility of damage to the product or facility. The installation of appropriate protective barriers and guards can help prevent…


Safeguard Employees, Equipment with Protective Guarding

September 12, 2018

Barbara T. Nessinger, Chief Editor Warehouses, on any given workday, share space with people, equipment and product inventory. Because all of these components are being moved almost constantly, the risk of accidents—to people or equipment or product—is increased. Protective guarding can help prevent such accidents and increase a warehouse’s productivity and bottom line. Protective guarding…


A Full Line of Safety Products For Industry

August 11, 2016

  OMEGA Industrial Products has been the nation’s leading supplier of physical and industry safety products since 1987. Our industrial safety products are expertly designed and manufactured to optimize safety and increase your facility’s productivity in a wide variety of job sites, manufacturing and distribution operations. OMEGA supplies many of the world’s leading companies, government…