Signs and Wayfinding for COVID-19 and Beyond

March 10, 2021

By Brian McFadden Many thought the COVID-19 crisis would be over in a few months. Instead, we’ve seen the pandemic persist; case numbers rise, fall, and rise again. Businesses still need to protect their employees and customers, but it’s time to take a longer view of the protective steps that we take. Signage and wayfinding…


Evaluating Glove Grip Performance and Its Effect on Fatigue, Safety and Efficiency

February 23, 2021

By Eric Jaeger, Contributor Everyone who wears gloves understands the overall importance of grip, yet no one seems to be able to evaluate, quantify and communicate a ‘value’ for the grip of a particular pair of gloves. To further exasperate the issue, glove grip can vary widely based on the environment and surface being contacted.…


Growth of Nitrile Glove Market Means Buyers Need to Beware

February 23, 2021

By Matthew Piortrowski & Brian Moseley, Contributors With both industry trends and the coronavirus pandemic prompting an increasing use of protective gloves – particularly disposable gloves – a number of new third-party industrial distributors have entered the market. Buyers should look beyond mere cost as the major factor in the purchasing decision and ensure that…


Should an employer require COVID-19 vaccinations for employees?

February 19, 2021

By Neal Langerman, PhD Vaccines approved under Experimental Use Authorizations (EUAs) will be available soon. In theory, this should make re-opening businesses easier. As immunity develops within the population, the case count will drop, and the many restrictions will be eased. Realistically, individual immunity will require about 2-3 months following the initial vaccine dose to…


For Logistics Workers, Pallet Safety is a Priority

February 17, 2021

By Jonathan Parks, Contributor Anyone who manages or operates a warehouse or fulfillment center is likely aware that pallets are a leading cause of warehouse injuries. Pallets enable the lifting of heavy loads with mechanical equipment, which is never entirely risk free. Objects can shift and machinery can fail, and the result can be dangerous.…


Choosing Gloves 101

February 15, 2021

By Lindsey Getson, Contributor Uh-oh! You need gloves, but how do you pick the right glove for your business? Maybe you’re new to buying gloves, or your go-to gloves are out of stock. With demand for disposable gloves higher than ever before, how do you choose? Read on for an overview of the different types…


Increasing Productivity and Safety with Autonomous Line-Side Tuggers

February 9, 2021

How one top-tier U.S. automotive manufacturer transformed its material transport systems and processes in a few short months By Rob Sullivan, Contributor In 2018, with automotive margins continuing to tighten, skilled operators proving difficult to find and injuries on the rise, a major U.S. automotive manufacturer decided it needed to move away from forklifts. They were looking…


Six Things You Must Know Before Automating Long-Haul Towing

February 3, 2021

By Rob Sullivan, Contributor When a facility is nearly a million square feet, transporting hundreds of thousands of pounds of finished goods to a warehouse three quarters of a mile away is a long haul. That was the recent challenge for a global manufacturer of outdoor power tools as it looked to streamline operations with…


Powered Industrial Trucks: OSHA 1917.43

January 20, 2021

Important to Know: Forklifts, also known as powered industrial trucks, are used in countless industries, including manufacturing, warehousing and construction. They can do what humans cannot: lift and move bulky or heavy loads. Whether they’re unloading goods from trucks or raising boxes of products to shelf height in a distribution center, forklifts are indispensable in…


AMR vs. AGVs: Why Knowing the Difference Is Important in Today’s Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

January 14, 2021

Ed Mullen, Contributor At Metro Plastics, an Indianapolis-based producer of custom plastic injection molded parts and inject mold tooling, finding new and innovative ways to automate material transport has been instrumental in its success as it competes in today’s increasing challenging manufacturing and job environment. With as many as 20 jobs running at a time,…