Thought Leadership Interviews

Why Just Having AEDs Isn’t Enough

Ian Durrant, Sr. Manager, Global Public Safety Marketing for Zoll discusses the importance of managing an AED program, and how Zoll’s PlusTrac AED program management service can help companies be better prepared if and when people experience life-threatening conditions.

Learn More About PIP’s Assessment Program

Cutting costs, reducing waste and improving worker safety are important goals, but achieving them can be a challenge, especially for large industrial facilities. With PIP’s Assessment Program, you’ll get an on-site comprehensive survey – conducted by a safety professional – of your current PPE and costs of high-volume use. That information will be used to determine the best product selection for you. Watch this interview with our editor to learn more about their Assessment Program.

Veriforce Helps Us Choose the Right Contractors

Henry Goldstein, HSE Manager with Strathcona Resources Ltd., talks about the importance of working with contractors who can perform the work well and who are aligned with his company’s safety culture and expectations – and how Veriforce has helped Strathcona successfully do just that.

Veriforce makes my job easier

Tina Hapienko, Health & Safety Manager with 360 Energy Liability Management, explains how Veriforce enabled her Canadian-based company to adjust to differing compliance requirements when it expanded to the United States. She also discusses Veriforce’s responsive customer support team and its ability to customize its solutions to fit her company’s unique needs.

Getting Ahead of the Risk

Chris Gafford, HSE Manager with Callon Petroleum, talks about how Veriforce’s supply chain risk and compliance management solution has had a profound impact on his company’s safety culture – especially when it comes to working with contractors. Chris explains how Veriforce customizes its program to fit Callon Petroleum’s needs, and how Veriforce’s customer support team responds quickly and effectively when an issue or question arises.

Bob Lahey, president and CEO of the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council, discusses virtual reality safety training courses now offered by the Council – covering everything from fall protection to scaffolding and excavation. Bob also discusses ladder use and confined space entry – and how to mitigate their risks.

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Scott DeBow explains how companies can significantly improve their risk profiles through the use of Avetta’s technology and consultation services. A good place to start: a free risk assessment from Avetta that can identify hidden – and sometimes surprising – risks in a company’s supply chain.

Thought Leadership Interview with Nilfisk

Is “explosion-proof” just a marketing term? In this thought leadership interview, Mike Summers, Business Development Manager of Industrial Vacuum Systems for Nilfisk, dispels that and other myths about combustible dust. He also explains how to choose the right industrial vacuum for your application, and what type of support is needed to make sure that it is used correctly.

Thought Leadership Interview with Bob Lahey of Construction Safety Council

Bob Lahey, President and CEO of the Construction Safety Council, discusses heat-related illness – something that can strike outdoor workers as well as those performing tasks indoors in certain environments. Learn about the elements of a successful heat illness prevention program and about a standard being developed to address the hazard. The CSC offers safety training classes for both employers and workers. Go to to learn more.

Avetta Thought Leadership Interview with Scott DeBow

Workplace MHS Editor-in-Chief Maureen Paraventi sat down with Scott Debow, Principal HS&E Expert for Avetta to discuss why Avetta is a leader in safety, with the industry’s largest Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) platform. Watch this exclusive Thought Leadership interview to learn more!

Ansell Thought Leadership Interview with Nick Knight

Nick Knight, Senior Manager of Sales Excellence for Ansell, discusses the importance of selecting the right kind of hand protection and how the AnsellGUARDIAN service can help improve a company’s regulatory compliance, lower costs and eliminate waste by optimizing how PPE is dispensed.

WMHS Thought Leadership Interview with Nilfisk

Ted Hershey, Product Manager for Nilfisk, discusses sustainability in the industrial cleaning industry. Nilfisk’s sustainability initiatives include the development of technologies that use less water, energy and detergent and a program that refurbishes and recycles some of its machines.

Thought Leadership Interview with Brian Nutt of Tingley

Brian Nutt, Product Director of Protective Clothing for Tingley, talks about Class 1 Type O garments: the type of protection they offer and the applications and environments for which they are best suited.

Thought Leadership Interview with Bob Lahey of the Construction Safety Council

WMHS editor Maureen Paraventi talks with Bob Lahey, President and CEO of the Construction Safety Council about hot topics in the construction industry.

Thought Leadership Interview with Richard Comer of Nilfisk

Workplace Material Handling & Safety Editor-in-Chief Maureen Paraventi sat down with Richard Comer, Mid-Atlantic Senior Region Manager for Nilfisk, to discuss how companies can achieve and maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. As a leader in cleaning technology, Nilfisk is well-positioned to help companies with that goal, through the use of innovative products – including intelligent cleaning solutions.

Click the video to learn more and go to for your cleaning solutions.

Thought Leadership Interview with Nzingah Ramos and Gareth Black of CHEMTREC

Maureen Paraventi, editor of Workplace Material Handling & Safety, sits down with CHEMTREC’s Training Program Manager, Nzingah Ramos, and Senior Crisis Consultant, Gareth Black, to discuss the company’s hazmat-related services, which include eLearning courses for safe hazardous materials handling and crisis solutions that help companies prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis.

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Thought Leadership Interview with Steve Puls

Steve Puls, founder of Wy’East products, joins Workplace Material Handling & Safety Editor Maureen Paraventi to discuss how his ClearCap and TuffCab product lines can help keep forklift operators safe – and prevent companies from getting OSHA fines.

Petzl Interview

Michel Goulet, Professional Division National Sales Manager for Petzl America, joins Workplace Material Handling & Safety Editor Maureen Paraventi to discuss Petzl’s innovative approaches to head and fall protection.

eCompliance Interview

Account Executive Team Lead at eCompliance, Jeff Iwasiw joins Workplace Material Handling & Safety Editor, Joan Mantini to discuss how companies can utilize eCompliance software to stay compliant and reduce workplace incidents. Construction Safety Profiles Construction Safety Profiles

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