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Don’t Stress. Go Sell. We’ll Supply.

Products For Industry is your full-service material handling provider. We provide distibutors products from over 300 mfgs. All with one simple phone call to our inside sales team.

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Ergokneel Handy Mat kneeling mat

Our Ergokneel Handy Mat is a 1" thick closed cell foam rubber mat designed for industrial use. It is tough, waterproof, Flame resistant, and very cushy! ...
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Veriforce Helps Us Choose the Right Contractors

Henry Goldstein, HSE Manager with Strathcona Resources Ltd., talks about the importance of working with contractors who can perform the work well and who are aligned ...
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Guardian Harness

Pure Safety Group (PSG) is the largest dedicated fall protection company in the world, providing high-performance and professional height safety equipment, tool tethering products, textile lifting ...
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